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Portico Protection

Portico was created to ensure your staff has a simple, consistent return to work plan. Portico puts you in control of your staff's data, allowing at a glance reporting, instant notifications, and streamlined check-ins. And Portico uses the hardware you want to use—no required purchases and no creepy facial recognition kiosks.

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Ease of Use,
Ease of Mind

Portico’s simple wellness check gives employees the confidence you’ve got them covered without invading their privacy. Set-up is simple, data entry is intuitive, and extending the service to customers and visitors provides your team a complete view of your data.

Features, Not Fluff

Portico was designed to facilitate a data-driven approach to running safe facilities. Whether your team requires on-site medical staff to assist or if you’d prefer to staff daily admissions, Portico’s features are field tested and provide the data executives require to make sound decisions.

Instant Warnings

Notify your leadership team of any health anomalies, instantly.

Simple Check-Ins

Train any staff member to use the tool in minutes.

Self Service

Allow anyone to pre-screen before entering your building.

Encrypted Data

Avoid messy paperwork and insecure data handling. You own your private data.

Automated Reporting

Track health changes over time with simple, clear graphs.

Granular Details

Break out any warnings by symptom, location, time, and more.


Track ongoing threats or industry-specific screening questions.

Secure Cloud Storage

Access your data anywhere with industry leading encrypted cloud storage.

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